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BlogLiterately v0.2

Filed under: haskell — robgreayer @ 10:04

I’ve created a new version of BlogLiterately, now on hackage. The new version is quite similar to what I blogged about here, with some enhancements:

  • it now supports categories.
  • it now supports highlighting-kate, if you’ve installed Pandoc with highlighting support.
  • you can highlight Haskell with hscolour using CSS classes or inline styles.
  • you can highlight Haskell and non-Haskell with highlighting-kate (via Pandoc). (But only via CSS classes and a separate or embedded stylesheet, not via inline styles. So it does me personally no good!).

I contemplate a future upgrade will allow highlighting-kate marked up code to have the CSS class-based styling ‘baked’ into the HTML in a way similar to how I handle hscolour.

Anyone who enjoys this tool, thank the authors of Pandoc, hscolour, HaXml, HaXR and, of course, GHC and the Haskell Platform, as this program is just a bit of glue that binds these much bigger pieces together for one simple application.


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